Does God Exist?

Can we know if God exists?

Evidence in Creation

When we look around the world and see all of its beauty it points to a beautiful designer. Animals, plants, art, music, and laughter all suggest God created the world.

Evidence in the Bible

When we study the Bible we come to see that everything it claims is true. All the places it mentions exist. All the promises God makes are fulfilled. Even though it was written over thousands of years it doesn’t contradict itself.

Evidence in the Resurrection

Jesus claimed that he was God. He claimed that he would die, be buried and rise again. The fulfillment of this prediction is one of the most solidly attested facts in all of history. As such it validates Jesus claim to be God.

Evidence in Experience

If you ask anyone who claims to be a Christian they will tell you the main reason that they believe in God is their real, ongoing relationship with him. We have experienced God himself.

If you trust on him you can experience his love and forgiveness for yourself.